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Pharmaceutical labelling: multiple languages, one solution

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry faces a range of packaging and labelling challenges, from protecting sensitive biopharmaceuticals to preventing counterfeiting. One major hurdle is catering for multi-national markets and patients who speak a range of different languages.
Pharmaceutical labelling: multiple languages, one solution
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With many pharmaceuticals being shipped across countries and continents, there is a growing need to ensure that product labels include multiple languages. This not only enhances patient safety, but also enables compliance with varying country-specific regulatory requirements.

In some areas, such as California in the US, lawmakers are putting more pressure on pharmacists to explain medical instructions to their customers in a range of languages. Legislators recently passed a multilingual drug label law in California that may come into effect in January 2016. If this bill is signed into law, local pharmacists will be mandated to provide medication instructions in the five most common languages after English - Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean - if asked to do so by patients or their caregivers.

However, the responsibility of communicating important instructions and information to pharmacists and patients ultimately lies with the pharmaceutical manufacturer or product owner. Companies that are able to handle language complexities efficiently will not only improve patient safety and ensure regulatory compliance, but also give their products the competitive advantage on a global scale.

The issue is that there is often not enough space on traditional packaging solutions for product information in multiple languages. However, with Informational Fix-A-Form® Booklet-Labels from Pyrotec PackMedia, it is possible to print any number of languages on one label (that fits in the place of your standard adhesive label) without having a negative impact on legibility, packaging size or appearance.

Fix-A-Form® benefits at a glance:
  • One label for multiple markets
  • Reduce your inventory and eliminate country-specific packaging
  • Comply with country- and region-specific legislative requirements
  • No need to disrupt your production line, as extended text labels are supplied on-reel for easy application using standard labelling equipment
Additional features include:
  • Detachable sections for placing on patient records
  • Barcode and pharma-code matching
  • Anti-counterfeiting features
Give your pharmaceutical product the competitive advantage - contact Pyrotec PackMedia today!

1 Dec 2015 13:32