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Smart marketing trends for savvy shoppers

Women are smart! This is not a feminist statement but a straightforward business argument when it comes to marketing products at retail. Considering most studies reveal that women make 80 to 85% of purchasing decisions, it's clear that they hold the key to a brand's success.
Smart marketing trends for savvy shoppers
Female consumers want to know what the product will do for them, whether it will suit their lifestyles, how it will make their lives easier, how it contributes to protecting the planet, and how it can help them to keep their families healthier.

It's important to think of female consumers as individuals and to focus on their needs by understanding the multiple roles women play in everyday life. Older women are growing younger - 30 is the new 21, 40 is the new 30, and the over 60s see themselves as vibrant and purposeful. On the other hand, studies show that Millennials - the generation known for its investment in technology, social media and creativity - are 33% more interested than the Baby Boomer generation in a retailer's ability to make them smile. Another statistic reveals that 52% of Millennials are more likely than any other generation to make impulse purchases.

Because purchases are emotionally significant, and communication is important to women throughout the buying decision, products must appeal to their buying needs and habits.

So how does your brand get noticed by this savvy group of consumers? The answer is to connect emotionally and intellectually with women at point of sale - something that Pyrotec PackMedia helps brands to achieve very effectively.

Smart marketing trends for savvy shoppers
Besides packaging's functionality, a high design aesthetic, value for money, environmental credentials, information, and family-friendly conveniences, all appeal to these dominant shoppers.

Traditional on-pack labels are limited by space, affecting their ability to create enhanced visual appeal and effective on-pack communication and promotion.

However, Pyrotec PackMedia's Extended Text Labels vastly increase the area used for communication and provide unlimited potential for cost savings and waste reduction. The increased brand awareness through a product's enhanced graphics and ability to communicate, educates, informs and appeals to discerning female shoppers. Extended Text Labels also provide opportunities for value adds, such as recipes, inserts, coupons and cross-promotions, all of which appeal to the buying needs of today's multi-faceted female consumers.

ElastiTag®, another popular marketing and communication tool from Pyrotec PackMedia, builds and supports brand identity. These custom-manufactured tags fit snugly around products using a distinctive elastomer loop. ElastiTag® is ideal for securing an immediate response and moving products to the baskets of impulsive and emotional shoppers. They also add a prestige factor to brands and are ideal for telling a story, supporting a worthy cause, delivering product samples, providing instructions, advertising a special offer, or providing a coupon, among other uses.

With the array of multi-dimensional label options available from Pyrotec PackMedia, smart marketers can ensure they're effectively targeting smart women at retail.

24 Aug 2015 10:48