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Where the rubber meets the road

There's no doubt that innovative technology is where the rubber meets the road in any manufacturing operation, and makes all the difference in relation to fast turnaround times, efficient workflows, minimised waste and production downtime.
Where the rubber meets the road
Where the rubber meets the road
Where the rubber meets the road
Where the rubber meets the road
This is no different for coding, marking, labelling, and print and apply labelling units, and why Pyrotec PackMark is the exclusive distributor in southern Africa of a vast portfolio of world-class equipment from ALTech, Harland Machine Systems and Markem-Imaje. These world-renowned machines are trusted to remain at the forefront of industry trends and to meet manufacturers' exacting requirements.

"While trends come and go, in our 45 years' experience working alongside multi-national and local companies, there's no doubt that what manufacturers' consistently need are robust coding, marking and labelling units that require very little maintenance. They want to be able to forget about these units once they're installed on their lines," Brandon Pearce, Pyrotec PackMark's General Manager, points out.

"From a labelling point of view, it's apparent that our customers want equipment that does everything - in other words a complete system that applies labels, checks information is correctly printed on the label (via the use of inspection cameras) and, if there's a problem, automatically rejects the product to prevent recall issues," he adds. "It all boils down to the equipment's reliability. To ensure this, once the unit is installed we provide the necessary training required to maintain the label applicator. We pride ourselves on our units' cost effectiveness, their ease of use, and their simplicity to maintain without supplier intervention."

Depending on the labelling application, Pyrotec PackMark offers an array of machines from ALTech and Harland Machine Systems. "Harland is the Rolls Royce of labelling applicators and a popular choice for more specialised applications," says Pearce. "Also highly popular - proven by the hundreds of machines we sell - are our units from AL Tech. These units are cost effective, easy to use, and offer consistency and reliability second to none. We're able to provide for a broad spectrum of labelling requirements - from applicator heads (entry level) to units with applicating speeds between 15m/min and 90m/min. Our label applicators also come with add ons, available for future production requirements," he outlines.

"When deciding on the best equipment for your line, think about the future. Don't just buy for 'now'. We work closely with our customers to assist with these considerations and with choosing the best unit to keep up with production requirements and the business's growth," Pearce explains.

"We're focused on ensuring that our product portfolio continues to grow with our customers' business requirements. Quality, operational reliability, leading-edge technology and service excellence are what drives us," Pearce concludes.

18 Jun 2015 13:55