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Tips to successfully apply your Do-It Hang Tabs, by hand

Do-It® Hang Tabs do not only get products lying flat on shelves up and noticed by consumers, but also ensure that products are securely hung up until purchased. To get maximum performance from your hand-applied hang tab, here are some simple tips to keep your product hanging for longer.
Tips to successfully apply your Do-It Hang Tabs, by hand
Clean package surface

Before removing your hang tab and applying it to your package, make sure that your package is clean, dry and free from any contaminants. Any interference between the hang tab and your product could prevent effective application.

Optimal environment

When you are ready to apply your hang tab to your product, check that the room is clean, dust free and not too humid. The ideal temperature for the best application and display results is between 15° - 32° C.

Do not touch the adhesive

Any contaminants such as dust and oils can lead to the exposed adhesive losing its bonding strength. When applying the hang tab to your product, ensure that the adhesive avoids contact with your skin, clothing and any other surface.

Tips to successfully apply your Do-It Hang Tabs, by hand
Apply immediate pressure

Once you have applied the hang tab to your product, apply pressure to the back side of the adhesive area. The pressure will stimulate an initial bond between the hang tab and your product to allow for longer hanging.

Allow for bonding

It usually takes 24 - 48 hours for the adhesive to double or triple its bond to a product. If possible, apply your hang tab a day or two before displaying your product to increase the hanging strength of your hang tab.

Alignment of your hang tab

For effective display of your products, make sure that your hang tab is applied on the correct spot on each of your products. This will ensure that there are no "out of line" products and that your display is neat and presentable.

For more information on our range of Do-It® Hang Tabs and Display Strips, contact us on 021 787 9600 or az.oc.cetoryp@ti-od. You can also visit our website to learn more,

17 Jun 2015 12:45