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On-pack promotions: From concept to application

An on-pack promotion can yield a great return on investment for your brand. If used strategically, a promotional device attached to your packaging will put your products in the spotlight and drive sales at the point of purchase - something few other advertising channels can do.
On-pack promotions: From concept to application
If you are interested in launching an on-pack promotion, but need advice on how to do this well, Pyrotec PackMedia offers a complete concept-to-application service!

We have a cost-effective and innovative range of promotional Fix-a-Form® Expanded Content Labels that can be used for a wide range of applications, including:
  • New product launches
  • Special offer announcements
  • Discount coupons
  • Tips and recipes
  • Competitions
Not sure whether your packaging is right for an in-store promotional campaign? Our labels can be used on any containers of all shapes, sizes and materials including glass, plastic, card and foil. We will guide you on the best application methods and you can rent the label application machinery from us if you so require.

With an array of promotional Fix-a-Form® products available, we can help you to multiply the effectiveness of your on-pack communication in a way that meets your unique business objectives.

Chat to Pyrotec PackMedia now about how to use our promotional Fix-a-Form® solutions to put your product in the spotlight!

4 Jun 2015 10:12