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Innovative technology is a key trend in the manufacturing industry

Over the past decade, packaging has evolved from a purely functional device intended to convey vital information and protect the product, to a key role-player in the purchasing and decision-making process. However, the equipment used to label, code and print on packaging has to be on trend and remain innovative and cost-effective in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.
Innovative technology is a key trend in the manufacturing industry
"Innovative technology is a key trend in the manufacturing industry. Due to this demand, we have found ways to ensure that our manufacturing offering is effective for our clients," explains Brandon Pearce, General Manager at Pyrotec PackMark.

The need for high performance label applicators are becoming more vital for the manufacturing industry; it is important that machinery is designed for packaging lines that demand speed, accuracy and reliability in order for various types of information - such as batch numbers, QR codes and variable numbering - to be seamlessly added to the label or directly on to the corrugates.

In order to meet the demand of the ever-changing manufacturing industry, Pyrotec's PackMark division offers innovative and cost-effective solutions for coding and labelling on packaging.

Thermal Inkjet coders have been designed for serialised product identification solutions to enhance traceability for fast-moving manufacturing production lines such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. This consistent, high quality digital technology allows for clean codes and information can also be changed in real-time to ensure accurate productions.

For precision coding, the Continuous Inkjet coders are used to improve the printing of 'best before' dates and batch numbers on the products. In addition to this feature, it can also be used for security printing - fluorescent ink is used for printing and only visible under ultraviolet lighting.

Print & Apply Labelling equipment allows for various types of information to be printed on to the packaging. Due to its range of interchangeable applicators and operational interventions such as the ability to print and apply at rates up to 125 packs per minute - irrespective of the data complexity or content.

In addition to this, using a centralised data management system through integrated machinery networks can make any production line efficient. Pyrotec's PackMark division also offers a software solution, CoLOS®, which allows customers to integrate various equipment networks in one central system to manage and operate all printers throughout the line.

"We are consistently looking for ways to meet the demands of the manufacturing industry with our innovative solutions of coding and labelling. We identify key industry trends and ensure that they are always incorporated into our product offering," concludes Pearce.

8 Apr 2015 14:05