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Do-It Hook Hang Tabs - Back-shopping made easy

Do-It® Hook Hang Tabs make selecting the exact product you want quick and easy. Similarly to a clothes hanger, the Hook Hang Tab does not close at its hang hole which allows you to select any product off a peg fixture, whether the product is right in front or all the way at the back.
Do-It Hook Hang Tabs - Back-shopping made easyDo-It Hook Hang Tabs - Back-shopping made easy

Our Hook Hang Tab fits a variety of peg fixtures and speeds up the rotation of stock - products are easily removed from their fixtures so that it can be replaced with new products.

Hook Hang Tabs are perfect for suppliers who offer the same product in different colours and sizes to be displayed on the same peg fixture, such as pantyhose and underwear.

Do-It® Hook Hang Tabs are organised on rolls on a continuous backing paper for mechanical or hand application; as well as on sheeted and loose-piece form for hand application.

31 Mar 2015 13:32