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Make your on-pack information count

In today's information-saturated FMCG environment, consumers are making better-educated purchase decisions than ever before. This is especially true when it comes to health- and wellness-related issues.
Make your on-pack information count
A recent Nielsen study looked at how shopper behaviour was influenced by the ingredients displayed on product labels. The organisation polled over 30,000 respondents in 60 countries and found that sugar content was a big focus, with 31% of UK respondents citing that 'low or sugar free' was an important factor for them. This was followed by 'low salt/sodium' (29%), 'no artificial flavours/colours' and 'natural flavours' (both 28%).

Nielsen UK head of business and retailer insight Mike Watkins told Talking Retail: "Britons regard sugar, salt, artificial additives, cholesterol and fat as the biggest health-related evils impacting which products they buy. Conversely, natural flavours, being made from fruit or veg, whole grain, fibre and protein are the most important ingredients to encourage purchasing.

"Britons, however, are much less likely than Europeans - and people globally, as a whole - to let health attributes of food products affect what they buy. For instance, food being free from genetically-modified organisms is a very important factor to 47% of Europeans in their buying decision - more than twice the number of Britons (22%)."

It's clear that consumers care about product ingredients and the more detail manufacturers provide, the better. With Fix-a-Form® leaflet-labels from Pyrotec PackMedia, you can multiply the area used for on-pack communication several times over without affecting the overall design of your packaging. You have an almost unlimited space for extra text, diagrams and photos without having to worry about clutter or illegibility.

Our leaflet-labels are also easy to apply using standard labelling equipment. Labels are supplied on-reel for automatic application, ensuring that your production line remains uninterrupted.

Contact Pyrotec PackMedia today to discuss our innovative and cost-effective on-pack communication solutions!

10 Mar 2015 14:25