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The challenge of labelling medicine can be solved by an innovative on-pack solution

The strict guidelines and legal requirements regulating information displayed on products impact the pharmaceutical industry more than many others; therefore, labelling of medicines while adhering to these guidelines can be challenging.
The challenge of labelling medicine can be solved by an innovative on-pack solution
The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries' challenges with labelling medicine include:
  • The legibility of on-pack information, including factors such as font size, justification of type and sentence casing.

  • Consideration for consumers with lower literacy skills by for example using pictograms where applicable.

  • Labels should be affixed permanently onto medicine bottles to make future referencing convenient.

  • Medicine dosage for adults and children needs to be clearly stipulated to avoid errors in dosages and potentially serious health repercussions.

  • When distributing to other countries, brand owners need to include multilingual instructions covering user-instructions, hazard warnings and dosage guidelines in a number of local languages.
All these challenges can be resolved if there is sufficient space provided on the labels for the amount of information needed on the packaging, without compromising the legibility of the information. An affordable and versatile option to solve these challenges is Pyrotec PackMedia's Fix-a-Form® - an extended text label that is able to include vast amounts of information in the space of a standard label.

The benefits of Fix-a-Form® labels include: sufficient space to convey all the information required, user-friendliness for repeated reference by the consumer, being an environmentally-conscious method of labelling and offering a variety of designs and formats to suit the individual style of the product.

"The ever-changing requirements of medicine labelling can be a challenge for manufacturers to accommodate, as they need to relook at how their products are presented in the market. The Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label has been specifically designed for this industry; this innovative solution offers various labelling options that meet the standards that comply with legislation,": says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia.

23 Feb 2015 13:52