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How to get noticed by impulse buyers

The packaging of a product is a virtuous representation of a brand that should offer consumers an experience and be attractive to impulse buyers. Packaging plays a vital role as impulse buyers don't make purchasing decisions based on brand loyalty, but on emotions.
How to get noticed by impulse buyers
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"Designing packaging that does just that is all good and well but it's completely ineffective if the product is not visible on the shelves in retailers," says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, the leading provider of innovative on-pack solutions. "Pyrotec PackMedia offers Do-It® Hang Tabs which is a simple solution to ensure products are noticed by consumers and are placed in the 'eye-zone' area."

Do-It® Hang Tabs are self-adhesive plastic hangers that stick onto almost all products' packaging, automatically turning them into peg-ready products. The Hang Tabs are easily pegged onto a Display Strip which is guaranteed to catch the eye of an impulse buyer more effectively than a stack of products lying on a shelf.

On-shelf displays can greatly influence unplanned purchasing decisions by consumers. Do-It® Hang Tabs not only ensure products are visible but it also ensures they are easily accessible to consumers, which will boost sales.

"Nowadays consumers spend less time shopping which means impulse buying is on the rise," explains Beattie. "Brands need to look at innovative ways to position themselves within the retail space and Do-It® Hang Tabs and Display Strips are a useful tool to attractively display products."

5 Nov 2014 15:00