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Leaflet-labels form part of the drug delivery solution

Labels on pharmaceutical products are known to have strict guidelines and legal compliances due to the importance and complexity of the information that is required to be readable on each product. One of the most frustrating challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry is patients not reading labels and patient non-compliance with dosages.
Leaflet-labels form part of the drug delivery solution
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Leaflet-labels form part of the drug delivery solution
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The manufacturer not only has a responsibility to ensure that each product is labelled with the correct information, but that each label also adheres to the legal requirements, ensuring the information is easily on hand. But they have no control over how patients consume the medication prescribed. Detrimental side effects for the patient could be experienced if medication is not taken as correctly prescribed.

"Dosage and usage instructions of medication are part of the drug delivery process", says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia - a leading supplier of informational on-pack leaflet-labels." "Informational Fix-a-Form® leaflet-labels are a solution to communicate the required information to patients as the user-centred design plays a role in supporting patient adherence.

The Informational Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label is designed in such a way that it has multiple pages as needed. The purpose of the Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label is to be able to fit a vast amount of text as well as explanatory diagrams. This is most beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry because of the legal label requirements.

"Not only that, the Informational Fix-a-Form® is eye catching to consumers," says Beattie. "It's normally placed on the outside of the medicine bottle or product and therefore, the instructions are not loose at the bottom of the packaging, where it's hidden or easily lost and very often not read. The Fix-a-Form® leaflet-label is in plain sight view and patients are more likely to read and adhere to the dosage instructions when they are easily accessible."

It's important for the pharmaceutical industry to be aware of the different label options that support patient compliance to better enable and develop safe, reliable, and desirable drug delivery solutions.

29 Sep 2014 13:27