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Expanding your reach with ElastiBand

Promotional on-pack solutions are the easiest and most common form of brand awareness in the retail industry. With many different options available to choose from when it comes to on-pack devices, the idea is to choose one that best suits your brands' needs and grabs the most attention from consumers, which in turn boosts sales.
Expanding your reach with ElastiBand
The multiple products promotion is a well-recognised strategy whereby a brand will be offering two products to consumers - such as a buy one, get one free scenario or the second product purchased will be offered at a discounted price. Consumers respond well to this on-pack promotion because they are gaining something in return or saving on costs. The challenge, however, comes in joining these two products together and presenting them in an attractive and eye-catching way.

"The Bedford ElastiBand® is an innovative band and elastomer combined as one which works great for both bundling and labelling of products," says Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, a leading South African provider of on-pack solutions. "The idea behind the ElastiBand® is to label, brand and market a wide variety of products and it is ideal for interlinking large diameter products that are normally difficult to tag or label together."

This device can be easily custom manufactured to suit a brand's need and style depending on what they wish to communicate to customers. A promotional stunt is not the only thing that can be communicated but a brand's key messages, nutritional compositions or instructions can also be displayed on the ElastiBand® together with images.

The purpose of an ElastiBand® is to introduce new products to consumers and to encourage brand-switching. If an item is cheaper than a customer's normal favourite brand they are more likely to purchase the product that is offering two products for the price of one or at a discounted price over and above their favourite. The brand immediately becomes more appealing to consumers and the primary aim is attracting new customers.

27 Aug 2014 14:35