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Coding solutions from Pyrotec PackMark withstands the chill of dairy freezers

Manufacturers in the dairy industry face a number of challenges during the production process to ensure the safety of the consumer. Foremost, the environment in which production takes place needs to be hygienic, sanitary and comply with regulatory prescriptions.
Coding solutions from Pyrotec PackMark withstands the chill of dairy freezers
Coding solutions from Pyrotec PackMark withstands the chill of dairy freezers
It is essential for product information and dates to be included and remain on the packaging. Customers rely on this information to ensure that consumables have not passed their expiry date. The codes on dairy products have to survive a range of temperatures and conditions before being accessible to customers.

Having an efficient and high quality coding machine ensures that production lines run smoothly and codes remain readable by the time it reaches consumers in store. The dairy industry calls for marketing solutions, including coding solutions that provide high quality marking, robustness in the demanding environment, compliancy with legal requirements, reduction of packaging inventory and printing of promotional codes.

If you are looking for sustainable solutions - including best before dates, batch numbers, ingredients, logos and barcodes on flexible packaging, rigid plastics, metal, paper-based containers or liquid cartons, Pyrotec PackMark has the perfect solution to ensure the coding does not fade or wipe off.

As the sole South African distributor of Markem-Imaje's range of machinery and printing solutions, Pyrotec PackMark offers the 9042 inkjet printer, an ideal solution for dairy manufacturers who place a high emphasis on quality and efficiency.

The printer is restocked with sealed percussion charges, which means that handling consumables is clean and safe. Cartridge changes are extremely fast, taking less than 30 seconds, with no spillage or delay. Two printheads mean that the 9042 doubles production rates.

When coding products such as yoghurts and milk desserts, it is necessary to use to-and-fro printhead cycles which can lead to wear and tear, as well as breakdowns on the umbilical cable linking the cabinet to the printhead. However, the 9042 features a reinforced umbilical cable to extend its lifespan.

The 9042 printer suits the demanding environment required for dairy production. It is constructed with a stainless steel cabinet that has IP54 humidity production, or IP65, that makes it completely waterproof. The printer is also easy to clean as it has no retention zones.

19 Mar 2014 13:56