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Do-It once, Do-It right

Hanging a product at eye-level can do wonders for attracting a customer's attention; however, damage to the packaging might cost you sales as rigorous handling of products on the shop floor can take a toll on a product's shelf life.
Do-It once, Do-It rightDo-It once, Do-It right
Pyrotec PackMedia offers the Reinforcer Hang Tabs as part of its Do-It range of packaging solutions to reduce torn header cards, improve the durability of existing packaging and ultimately leading to a decrease in product returns.

This unique and cost-effective product can up to triple the strength of your packaging hang holes and attaching the self-adhesive hang tab to a blister card keeps your product pricing competitive, allowing you to use lighter packaging materials to support heavier products.

The clear Reinforcer Hang Tabs do not interfere with the on-pack messaging and enables the product to hang safely and securely, making it more visible and therefore more likely to be purchased.

Whether you aim to group products together, increase impulse purchases or display your product at eye level where customers can see it, Pyrotec has the solution. Other products in the Do-It range include the Round Hole, Flexitab and Slot Hang Tabs as well as Do-It's Display Strips.

Reduce the risk of torn header cards, product returns or lost sales by applying Reinforcer Hang Tabs right from the start. Do-It once and Do-It right!

19 Feb 2014 12:14