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Life before leaflet-labels - as illustrated by an infographic

In recent years, South Africa has seen the popularity of leaflet-labels explode. So why the great demand? What makes this humble little device so special and how has it made our lives easier? Pyrotec - a leading provider of innovative product identification solutions - is the sole licensee of Fix-a-Form, a globally recognised brand and the original leaflet-label. The infographic, courtesy of Pyrotec PackMedia, unpacks exactly why this clever little device has been pounced on across numerous industries; from pharmaceutical to agrochemical - and used on products ranging from deodorant to detergent.
Life before leaflet-labels - as illustrated by an infographic
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Before Fix-a-Form:
  • Labels were manually applied on the product's outer carton, introducing the product to the consumer
  • A loose informational leaflet was inserted into the product's carton, containing the directions for use, precautions, dosage instructions etc. This was easy to misplace, making repeated referral challenging
  • The carton was erected and then closed. Excessive packaging was needed to encompass all of the information presented to the consumer
    = a time consuming, wasteful and costly process
After Fix-a-Form:
  • Space: Fix-a-Form is designed to contain extensive information - all in the space of a standard label - and is able to be applied with standard labelling equipment
  • Sustainable: Fix-a-Form reduces the need for excessive packaging, making it better for the environment
  • Safety: Unlike loose leaflet inserts, the information remains with the pack throughout the supply chain, allowing for repeated referral and encouraging user compliance
  • Simplify: Not only can consumers keep referring back to the information, the additional space means that there is room for the information to be translated into several languages
  • Speed: Fix-a-Form improves line speeds and reliability - boosting production speeds on application by up to three times - and providing peace of mind with its inline camera verification system
    =faster production, reduced costs and complete peace of mind

28 Nov 2013 13:38