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ElastiTag - stretching budgets the classy way

The cost of living is rising rapidly - no need for reams of stats to back up this claim. Just turn on the radio, open a newspaper or visit a news site online. Without delving into the gloomy details, let's focus rather on what this means for consumer behaviour.
ElastiTag - stretching budgets the classy way
The bottom line is, as people are forced to tighten their belts, they are on the hunt for value for money. While consumers' goals are to lower the final bill, they are still looking for quality products. Those products packaged in such a way as to convey a sense of quality while at the same time offering a great deal - allowing customers ostensibly to have their cake and eat it - are sure to find their way into trolleys faster than others.

Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, explains: "Packaging plays a key role in this hunt for the holy grail of 'value'. As consumers' eyes scan the shelves filled with products, eye-catching packaging indicating a special deal or competition is bound to jump out at them. The million-dollar question is - does that packaging enhance or decrease the perceived value of the product?"

While some promotional devices sometimes make a product look cheaper (and not always in the best sense), devices like ElastiTag® (available from Pyrotec PackMedia) act as brand enhancement tools. Instead of simply being used to communicate an on-pack promotion, it actually raises the perceived value of the product.

In addition to enhancing the overall appeal of a brand, the unique benefits of the ElastiTag® line include:
  • Custom design - the ElastiTag® can be custom designed to meet a brand's requirements and objectives.
  • Immediate response - the ElastiTag® is the perfect device for an eye-catching promotion. It has been shown to attract an immediate response in consumers, through its attention-grabbing design.
  • Endless possibilities due to clever design - the optimised product handling and bending characteristics of the ElastiTag® increases the brand owner's opportunities for marketing. There isn't a product for which the device cannot be used - it works equally well on a wine bottle or a bunch of flowers.
  • No loss of on-pack device - the elastomer loop grips the product firmly and stays put, preventing the tag from slipping or tearing off.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - the loop of the ElastiTag® is available in a wide variety of colours that can match or contrast the product packaging, enhancing the look of the product.
  • Stand out from the crowd - Research indicates that package colour is one of the first things that attracts consumers, therefore the ElastiTag® is ideal for creating colour differentiation in a product category without having to change the entire packaging.
"In the current economic climate, brands are in even fiercer competition with one another. It has never been more important for products to draw consumers' attention. The ElastiTag® range is the perfect way to advertise much-wanted promotions without decreasing the perceived value of the product. In fact, it does just the opposite, and that is exactly the kind of boost that brands need when consumers are being increasingly careful where they spend their money," concludes Beattie.

12 Sep 2013 13:05