The benefits of online learning

Ackermans to upskill employees through its new e-learning platform
South Africa’s leading value retailer, Ackermans, has launched its new in-store electronic learning solution to train new and existing staff.

“At Ackermans, we value the development and personal growth of all our employees, enabling lifelong career progression for them within the retail industry. We wanted to offer our employees an interactive and vibrant learning experience that would essentially motivate them to take their skills to the next level," says Reinette Lourens, Training Manager at Ackermans.

Lourens continues, “Developed over 18 months, the platform provides learners with tools that may assist in elevating their performance in their current role, as well as provide simple and easy access to learning which will assist in their career trajectory.

“Replacing our paper-based in-store programmes, the e-learning platform is developed in such a way that a Shop Assistant entering employment with Ackermans could eventually progress to the role of Store Manager and beyond, if the learner has the required dedication.”

In recent years, e-learning has become increasingly popular in workplaces around the world, as it offers organisations effective, cost-efficient ways of delivering quality training to employees spread across the country.

Lourens discusses the benefits of e-learning in the workplace.

Flexibility and accessibility

Learning can be conducted at a time and place that suits the learner. This has major benefits for remote workers or shift-workers, as they will have the same access and opportunity as those who work standard business hours.

“Our e-learning platform provides staff with up-to-date learning material - available to all of our employees - even those in the remotest areas of South Africa.”

Saves money and time

E-learning provides cost-effective ways to deliver training to a large group of learners. “It doesn’t rely on trainers having to travel or be present in order to deliver learning.” This also reduces administration costs and even printing costs, which is better for the environment too.

Instant feedback

Employees are able to get real-time feedback, and because everything is conducted online, management can swiftly analyse participation, as well as track the progress of individual employees.


Some e-learning platforms such as the one at Ackermans, staff have immediate access to electronic certificates upon completion of a Level. This saves time and provides instant gratification to eager learners.

“Ackermans is proud to provide an e-learning platform, that opens up doors for more learning and development opportunities to its employees, enabling career progression within the South African retail landscape,” concludes Lourens.

12 Nov 2018 13:11