The perfect Nude Colour Collection for you

As the world starts to celebrate diversity in all its forms, the word "nude" - when used in reference to a shade - takes on a far wider representation, as what is considered 'nude' against one skin tone may not be the same against another.
The perfect Nude Colour Collection for you

Many still struggle with finding the right colour as a wide variety of nude shades is not readily available. The good news is that retailers are starting to recognise this, and Ackermans, South Africa’s leading value retailer, has launched a new range of comfortable, affordable seam-free underwear in a wider variety of nude shades: the Nude Colour Collection.

“Women come in many fabulous skin tones and sizes, and so we wanted to celebrate this with our new seamless range," says Marchelle Whitebread, Senior Buyer: Lingerie at Ackermans.

“The underwear is close fit, eliminating bulky seams and edges and creating a softer silhouette which makes it ideal for wearing with tightly fitted pants, skirts and dresses.”

Ackermans’ new affordable Nude Colour Collection range of seamless underwear does not compromise on comfort, providing one less thing for women to worry about. The range features new shades such as Light Blush, Caramel, Rose, Desert, Black and Coffee, in its quest to offer more value to customers.

The Nude Colour Collection is available in stores nationwide from R99.95 to R149.99.

15 Aug 2018 12:56