Ackermans launches kids Style Squad range

Ackermans is proud to introduce two of South Africa's up-and-coming kids clothing fashion designers. 12-year-old #Jodi_V from Cape Town and 14-year-old Bongz from Johannesburg are the talented duo that conceptualised this exclusive limited edition, Style Squad clothing range for kids aged 7 to 14.
Ackermans launches kids Style Squad range
#Jodi_V and Bongz were members of last year's Ackermans Style Squad - a group of 20 of the country's most fashionable kids between the ages of 9 and 14 who blog monthly on the Ackermans' website. It's all about fashion advice for kids by kids.

The Style Squad Competition is the first of its kind in South Africa. It aims to recognise children who have a love for being creative with fashion and - on top of that - are able to express themselves by blogging about it. The kids of South Africa have style and Ackermans was able to provide a platform where their talent can be recognised. Through this life-changing experience, the Style Squad kids not only get to become famous in their own right, they were also rewarded with an iPad, monthly vouchers and are taught the skills needed to take good photos and write good blogs.

"It is truly amazing to see how the Style Squad bloggers improve their photographic techniques and writing skills over time," says Marketing Director, Louise Hamman.

Every month for 12 months, the Style Squad members have to complete a fashion challenge. One of the 2014 challenges was to test their fashion designer skills. For this they had to put together a fashion range. #Jodi_V and Bongz were the winners.

In April this year the two of them visited the Style Squad Headquarters at the Ackermans Head Office in Cape Town. Here they worked with the Ackermans buyers and planners and over three days designed a range that had achieved fantastic sales at all Ackermans stores nationwide (Launch date: 29 October 2015).

#Jodi_V's Tropical Summer range features fun prints and girly silhouettes, while Bongz's collection is all about Urban #Swag, using influences from top R&B singers as well as Johannesburg settings.

Moms of teenagers were over the moon about these two ranges, consisting of six items each, since they take the guesswork out of what picky teens can be like! They are well priced and were designed to be mixed and matched, making them great value for money from as little as R49.95. It's a win-win situation - your teen is on trend and your budget is in check.

What did being part of the Style Squad journey mean to them? "I've had amazing experiences. Being part of Style Squad has opened loads of doors for me and gave me opportunities I will forever be grateful for," said Bongz. "I've learned there are endless possibilities out there", said #Jodi_V. "If I believe and push beyond the boundaries, not even the sky is the limit."

To follow the journey of the new Style Squad 2015 finalists, please visit and see what SA's trendiest kids are up to.

24 Nov 2015 10:18