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The Community's Kitchen

This past Sunday we had another beautiful experience at the Community Kitchen. We always seem to get more than we bargain for - no one said this was going to be your ordinary soup kitchen.
The Community's Kitchen
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The Community's Kitchen
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The Community's Kitchen
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The Community Kitchen is a feeding initiative in partnership between The Euclid Society, No Danger Diaries and Sustainable Brothers and Sisters. Together, with donations offered to us by Shoprite South Africa, we feed around 250 - 300 people every second week of the month. We also aim that through an increase in membership we are able to take on other forms of community assistance and recognise certain social challenges facing the individuals of the community. We will be begin to mentor them in terms of developing CVs or providing contact details to the nearest rehabilitation centre - any similar service that we are able to offer which satisfies a social need.

The location of the Kitchen is Elsies River, Cape Town. We chose this venue because it was close to the hometown of many of the membership - and no better place to start developing the community than at home. Our volunteers provide their time and care to dish the soup on Sundays and on special occasions we offer the children something different, like Easter eggs, if they are in-season. That is the primary focus of the people who offer their time to improve the social inclusion felt by those in more struggling circumstances. Who better to give the community care than those who are excited about leaving a positive influence on other; an aim which has been shining through since the programme's inception in May 2014.

It started humbly at once a month with members buying vegetables and making stops at local areas where homeless people would often spend their Sundays. With the resources the initiative now has at its disposal, the partner organisations and particularly the beneficiaries of our efforts are so happy that we are close to a position where the Community Kitchen can be a weekly event; able to be a reliable activity that brings cohesion to the people of Elsies River.

The initiative has now been able to secure the donations of Shoprite South Africa until the end of December 2015. Please be the care you want to see in the world and volunteer your time at our Community Kitchen every second Sunday of the month. Be a part of the "We are the care" programme as we try and offer more of a skills and personal development aspect to the Kitchen where we help those who want to help themselves. For more information on how to volunteer or if you would like to donate to the cause, contact David Oliphant on:

az.gro.set@divad or 071 304 3720.

Below are the dates of all future Community Kitchens:

1. 12 April 2015
2. 26 April 2015
3. 10 May 2015
4. 24 May 2015
5. 7 June 2015
6. 21 June 2015
7. 5 July 2015
8. 19 July 2015
9. 2 August 2015
10. 16 August 2015
11. 30 August 2015
12. 13 September 2015
13. 27 September 2015
14. 11 October 2015
15. 25 October 2015
16. 8 November 2015
17. 22 November 2015
18. 6 December 2015
19. 20 December 2015

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