What do consumers do with their money?

As Nielsen continues to focus on providing you with information and insights to help enhance your business, they would like to share with you Decoding Global Investment Attitudes, a report based on Nielsen's Global Survey of Investment Attitudes which was released today.
Nielsen surveyed more than 28,000 respondents from 56 countries, including 7,005 respondents in Asia Pacific and 2,472 in the Middle East and Africa, to decode investment attitudes and financial habits to help you better understand how the minds of the retail investor/consumer work.

Peek into the psyche of the Retail Investor/Consumer

The survey findings provide insights into emerging financial services opportunities across both developed and developing markets. Highlights of the findings include:
What do consumers do with their money?
  • Which asset classes are favourites in retail investment portfolios?
  • Are men or women more active investors?
  • Who do retail investors consult when making personal finance and wealth decisions?
  • How do retail investors perceive investment volatility and risk?
The company trusts you will find the insights useful to align your strategies to win the hearts and minds of consumers in the personal finance and wealth management space.

Please do not hesitate to contact any member of your Nielsen team if you would like to learn more about this report, or obtain broader consumer insights from Nielsen's Global Consumer Survey series.

18 Jul 2012 10:19


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