Careers24 encourages 2017 graduates to get moving with their job applications

With the job market as competitive as it is, Mark Kritzinger, Head of Careers24, is encouraging South African graduates to start their job search for 2018 as early as possible.
“It is not too early to start your post-graduation job hunt if you are about to graduate,” says Kritzinger. “Not only is the recruitment process for most companies lengthy and complicated, forward planning also gives graduates more time to research what kind of company they are interested in working at.”

Careers24’s third quarter stats showed that young, educated and upwardly mobile jobseekers are doing more and more research on the companies they want to work for. In fact, one of the more popular employers was viewed more than 150,000 times on Careers24 in the third quarter. This activity on the platform is showing that new jobseekers would rather work for a company which suits them, making it vital for companies to position themselves correctly online in order to attract the in-demand candidates.

Another reason it is important to begin early is that the competition in the graduate sector is fierce. Adds Kritzinger: “Companies hiring graduates are well-aware that applicants will have minimal job experience but that means they need to sell their value in other ways. Before entering the job market it is essential for graduates to find out what skills recruiters are looking for and bolster their as-important softer skills like being organised, confident and resilient – all of which will come through in a good job interview.”

While South Africa’s youth unemployment stats remain unacceptably high, there is always a place in commerce for emerging, hardworking and passionate recruits. Trends tell us that while Generation Z (people born between 1994 and 2000) is the first digitally native generation, it is also a generation with a very different work ethic to Millennials. Generation Z’ers have grown up in a very unstable world – economically and politically. They have also grown up surrounded by social media and with greater access to news and information, making them a very savvy, determined and dedicated generation that craves stability.

“Today’s graduates come from the hard-working and stable Generation Z which means it is even more vital for them to get going earlier with their jobseeking for 2018 as an early start will be a headstart in this highly driven arena,” concludes Kritzinger.

20 Nov 2017 12:34