Record registrations for annual Careers24 Recruiter Boot Camps

The wait-listed annual Careers24 Recruiter Boot Camps that took place in Johannesburg and Cape Town in March 2017 demonstrated a need for online recruitment portals to empower recruiters to employ effective, engaging online recruitment strategies.
“We understand the need to keep up in the fast-moving and demanding recruitment industry,” said Careers24 General Manager Marc Privett. “With the constant technological developments in the online space, workshops such as these have the dual effect of empowering recruiters to use online recruitment more effectively and giving us the opportunity to engage face to face with our recruiter partners.”

“We were very pleased by the positive response we received from recruiters, from the day we announced the dates of this year’s events. We even had to arrange an additional event in Johannesburg to accommodate more attendees.” said Careers24 brand manager Shaun Clarke.

Hosted in conjunction with Demitri Tambourlas of DEMsays, the topics discussed focused on new approaches, skills and tools.

The topics covered at the Johannesburg events were:
  • Job orders: A new approach that will have recruiters making more placements and working on the high-demand jobs.
  • Sales and the modern recruiter: Essential sales skills that every recruiter should have.
  • How clients can exploit recruiters: Making sure recruiters are savvy in a technology-driven world.
Patricia Koekemoer, Managing Director of Professional Sourcing, who attended the Johannesburg event, said afterwards, “For a serious recruiter, not being at your desk for an entire day, is unheard of in my mind. However, thanks to Dem, I did not even think about how much time I need to spend to catch up after the Recruiter Boot Camp event. It was a prestigious and high-quality training event and my team and I will most definitely make the time to attend if Careers24 host similar future events.”

The topics addressed in Cape Town were:
  • Placement warning signs: How to spot them, how to deal with them and if necessary, how to walk away with grace.
  • Working higher level jobs: The pitfalls, the common objections and unique approaches.
  • The ‘no fault’ interview: Most closing problems originate in either the job order or the original candidate interview. This session will concentrate on the latter.
Lauren Maas Shaked, Resourcing Director at Vistex, said after the Cape Town event: “It was a highly informative, engaging day which our team thoroughly enjoyed. Demitri walked us through the highs and lows of recruitment and how to handle the challenges we face on a daily basis. He had me in stiches from laughter and we all walked away feeling motivated and invigorated to be the best that we can be. I would highly recommend any recruitment professional to join the Careers24 Recruiter Boot Camps.”

According to Demitri of DEMSays: “I truly believe our industry is on the cusp of seismic shift. For those of us not afraid to slaughter some sacred cows, untold success awaits. However, those of us hanging on to how we got here will find the business puzzling and scary. The old ways won't work, but the old essence is here to stay. As I have said many times, there isn’t much wrong in any of our lives that a placement doesn’t fix!”

11 Apr 2017 11:22