Latest recruitment trends show a surprising growth in jobs

Careers24 has just released their latest recruitment trends which have been extrapolated using in-depth analysis of April's job posts on the platform (compared to the same period last year) as well as over 40 other local online job boards.
The results show that the most significant market trend in online recruitment was a growth in demand (by 18%) for candidates compared with the previous 12 months. This surprising trend indicates a buoyant job market in spite of economic downturn fears.

Further trends from a jobseeker point of view, specific to Careers24, show that the highest growth in demand for candidates was in Engineering (16%) and IT/telecoms (20%) while there was negative growth in demand for candidates in the Design/Arts (-25%) and in Manufacturing/Trades/Mining (-9%) arenas.

This almost mirrors growth trends happening across the market that show a whopping 45% growth in IT/telecoms – the biggest growth sector by far.

When looking at Careers24 user statistics on the recruiter side the following trends were significant:
  • Engineering staff are proving to be a scarce commodity with lower applications per job than the previous period (-9%).
  • The same applies to Admin, Office and Support with a growth factor of 12% in the sector and only 6% in terms of available candidates.
  • Sales are looking healthy, with a growth in jobs of 14% and candidates increased by 12%.
  • IT/Tech/Telecoms are one of the hardest positions to fill with the lowest applications per job of any of the top sectors hiring.
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17 May 2016 11:31