Careers24 revamps graduate section to attract qualified candidates

Careers24 has gone live with their new, improved graduate section. The user-friendly redesign includes new key features and in-depth content aimed specifically at graduates looking for jobs.
Careers24 revamps graduate section to attract qualified candidates
"South African Millennials are digitally savvy, career-focused and loyal to brands that share their values. This translates into the way in which graduates look for employment," says Marc Privett, Head of Careers24. "Thanks to extensive research we have an in-depth understanding of what a graduate candidate is looking for. This, along with our highly experienced web user experience team and content team, has put us at the forefront of graduate recruitment."

Positions aimed at graduates are a key feature of the new section, allowing graduates to search quickly and effectively for the latest job offerings. Ease of use and accessibility means an increased response rate and more relevant, targeted applications. Both transcripts and CVs can be included as uploads and the Job Alerts function needs minimal information to sign up. This ensures that more job seekers and recruiters are instantly sent alerts on matches and new job uploads.

The redesign is styled to make the online experience slick and accessible - for both the job seeker and the recruiter. The platform also includes a designated area that specifically highlights companies and brands that have posted graduate positions - giving them valuable and positive brand association.

"This portal will turn the graduate recruitment market on its head," adds Privett. "It will make recruiting graduates easy and effective by channeling graduates to the right information and the right opportunities. Our new graduate portal will become the all-encompassing digital job tool for South African graduates and recruiters."

The new Careers24 graduate section is now live at

21 Apr 2015 09:37