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Bernini's ‘Audacity To Be’campaign encourages women to make the first move

In 2024, the world celebrates a leap year in the annual calendar, and many cultures believe that it's a lucky time for women to shoot their shot. But Bernini, the only real Sparkling Spritzer made from wine, asks our South African Glowgetters: ‘Why should we wait for a leap year’? Bernini’s ‘Audacity To Be’ campaign encourages women to make their move no matter the year.
Bernini's ‘Audacity To Be’campaign encourages women to make the first move

Bernini’s Audacity To Be campaign captures the essence of this in relatable everyday moments showcasing South African women who take a chance and seize opportunities with authenticity and passion for life. The campaign highlights the moments in life that rewards those who are audacious in romance, and their careers. This is a call for women to own their worth and toast to having the guts to do so.

Watch the Bernini Audacity To Be campaign here:

“What happens when you jump in with both feet, even while feeling fear or discomfort? Bernini is championing this spirit of audacity, urging Glowgetters to embrace their authentic selves in every aspect of their lives," explains Paigon Prince, Senior Brand Manager at Bernini, Heineken Beverages SA.

This grape wine-based sparkling spritzer is perfectly served ice cold, in a stylishly embossed bottle or sophisticated flute glass for any occasion with the squad. Whether you’re toasting against the backdrop of mesmerising sunsets, elevating a summer picnic, or having a casual meal with friends, girls' nights in or out will never be the same – the delicate bubbly taste of Bernini turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Bernini invites women to step out of their comfort zones and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way this leap year. Becoming the most authentic version of yourself means living audaciously.

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Bernini supports responsible drinking and encourages all South Africans to consume alcohol responsibly. Alcohol Not for Persons Under 18 Years.

Bernini's ‘Audacity To Be’campaign encourages women to make the first move

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About Bernini – Real sparkling spritzer made from wine

Bernini is a range of real sparkling spritzers made from wine. Available in a premium, easy-open 275ml bottle, and a sophisticated 500ml can at all major retailers. Discover the delicious range of our Real Sparkling Spritzers: Bernini Blush made in a rosé wine-style, with hints of floral notes and delicate bubbles. Bernini Classic made in a white wine-style with hints of honey, muscat, and delicate bubbles. Bernini Amber, made in a gold rosé wine-style with hints of peach, apricot, and delicate bubbles. Follow #RealSparklingSpritzer #MadeFromWine on Bernini’s socials to find out more.

31 May 2024 13:53