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Grey Advertising Africa and WPP Liquid brings Hunter's Festive Blessings

Hunter's Cider, in partnership with WPP Liquid, operating out of Grey Advertising Africa, has been refreshing the brand with its new 'Refresh the Rules' positioning. With exciting new work from the brand promoting and motivating consumers to 'Refresh the Rules' and to do things their own way, the latest campaign focuses on the festive season.

Meet uFartha Dlis-mas, the CEO of ifestive. Like his big homie, Santa, Fartha Dlis-mas only comes around once a year to deliver his Hunter’s Dlis-mas Blessings. In the campaign film, we get welcomed into The Mzansi Pole, home of uFartha Dlis-mas and his cool helpers. This is where our high-spirited host gives us a taste of what a refreshing festive could be with some Hunter’s Dlis-mas Blessings in your life. Instead of a sled, he pushes an iconic, green 325is Gusheshe, full of Dlis-mas toys, and he'll be turning this December into ke Dezemba, BOSS.

Grey Advertising Africa and WPP Liquid brings Hunter's Festive Blessings

"Every festive season South African's are bombarded with the same western representation of what Christmas is, from the freezing snow imagery to the Scandinavian Santa’s sweating it out in their arctic best. Yet Dezemba in Mzansi is the polar opposite of that. Hunter's is the perfect brand to refresh these outdated rules of iFestive and bring Fartha Dlis-mas to the Mzansi pole to spread Hunter's blessings to South Africans. And do it in a way that feels more familiar to them and when they need it most", says Glenn Jeffery, executive creative director at Grey Advertising Africa.

Thando Mafongosi, strategy director at Grey Advertising Africa, said: "Hunter's has always been a youthful brand that champions the re-imagining of conventions. Our aim is to take ordinary situations in life and make them a little extraordinary. In this instance, "adulting" has made the festive season very ordinary for young people (above 18 years), and we couldn't stand by and watch that happen any longer!"

Several factors such as Covid, inflation and other economic happenings have left some consumers cash strapped. “Hunter’s is thrilled to be giving a unique, South African take on the festive season, by Refreshing the Rules. This refreshing, light-hearted campaign will also provide many with the “Blessings” to have a jolly festive season” adds Meenal Abdulla, marketing category lead for Hunter’s. Fartha Dlis-mas is here to guarantee that their festive season is still a “giving” one in a truly South African way #HuntersBlessings.

Anyone can win by buying Hunter's, Dialing *120*764# or scanning the on-pack QR Code to tell uFartha Dlis-mas their Dlis-mas wish. Prizes up for grabs include cash, getaways and refreshing ciders.

Watch the ad here:

Hunter's – Refresh The Rules.
#HuntersBlessings #HuntersRefreshes

11 Nov 2022 09:04