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Chicken finds a new home at Burger King, with the help of Grey Advertising Africa

Who doesn't enjoy a crispy, juicy, tender piece of fried chicken, basically any time of the day? Considered a little bit of comfort food and a staple for many South Africans, menus across South Africa are scrutinized to find this little piece of delight. A restaurant that might have been forgotten or not considered the home of chicken is Burger King. Not complete novices when it comes to chicken (nuggets, tenders and burgers), they have finally introduced fried chicken to the menu.
Chicken finds a new home at Burger King, with the help of Grey Advertising Africa

To communicate this addition to the menu, Grey Advertising Africa and Burger King embarked on a storytelling journey to showcase that chicken has a new home. Always known as the home of burgers, the home of the Whopper is now also the home of the chicken with the launch of chicken pieces – crispy, juicy and 100% natural.

“South Africans love chicken, but when your name is Burger King, you’re not the first place they think of buying it from. So how do we make fried chicken feel like it naturally belongs in a Burger King? We made it feel at home at Burger King. We let it take over the store, literally. Our film shows just how comfortable chicken can be at Burger King, toothbrush, and all. The campaign will be extended on social and outdoor as well. The delicious, crispy King’s Chicken will feel like it’s part of the furniture at Burger King,” says Glenn Jeffery, executive creative director at Grey Advertising Africa.

With the introduction of chicken pieces to their menu, Burger King is now more than ever the place to go when looking for something for the whole family, the entire office, the whole crowd – all made from 100% natural products.

The New King's Chicken is available at all Burger King outlets countrywide – make sure to make yourself at home as well.

12 Sep 2022 12:20