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Scottish Leader mixes it up

Despite intensifying competition, Scottish Leader is a flourishing whisky in the South African market. This decades-old favourite has been mixing things up with an array of whisky mixes for years, from a Manhattan to an Irish Coffee.

As part of Scottish Leader’s drink strategy, we needed to drive the brand’s versatility and tap into more drinking occasions. By exploring the world of cocktails, we decided to define what our take on cocktails is and, more importantly, do cocktails differently.

Scottish Leader mixes it up

Mankind likes to sexualise everyday items, like a bakkie, Martini or Whisky on the Rocks - they’re all synonymous with the male species. Stereotypes have gone out of the 19th century window as we enter a new world and generations. In the 21st century, there are plenty of ‘Jane Bonds’ and cowgirls, and we are exploring the different mixes of people with open minds and arms.

Scottish Leader mixes it up

"Cocktails and whisky have a traditional history. It’s ordinary. Whisky and a mixer or if you’re lucky, maybe even a whisky sour. It’s strait laced. And Scottish Leader is just not that,” explains Felix Kessel, executive creative at Grey. “We’re flamboyant and fun, exuberant and dramatic. What does that look like in a cocktail? And what if, in seeing cocktails differently, we could have a cocktail tell a story?”

Enter Dramatique. The Scottish Leader cocktail theatre where every cocktail dramatises a story in the richest tradition of theatre and cocktails. Pride. Enigma. Revenge. Themes that scream drama. Now as cocktails, they are telling their story in film, on billboards and social media. Whisky cocktails need a little drama. And Scottish Leader has the flair to bring it.

Having paired up previously with the famous mixologist, Roxanne Read, she takes mixing even further in this campaign. Together with Darling Films, she’s creating a scrumptious kaleidoscope of sound and colour, leaving you thinking of cocktails like:

  • Pride: This cocktail is an affirmation and celebration of the bravery, inspired by Harvey Milk.

  • Or Revenge: As you get comfortable with this sweet, wholesome elixir… BOOM! You’re pierced with a sharp stabbing to your tastebuds.

  • And Enigma: A cocktail that keeps changing form as it’s built. All that will be happening in your mind is wondering what it could be.

23 Nov 2021 10:38