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Grey and WPP Liquid win silver at global 2021 Clio Awards

Language is a vital aspect of our culture. In South Africa, the dawn of democracy was marked by the new government giving 11 of South Africa's languages recognition as official languages. Sadly, autocorrect is still stuck in a decidedly undemocratic mode, where it will correct any word it doesn't recognise into English. This means that an innocent bathong suddenly turns into 'bathing'.

Savanna, the smart kid of the cider industry, has found a workaround for this irritation and has done so in the brand’s customary dry and witty manner.

Their efforts were acknowledged at the 2021 Clio Awards, where Grey and WPP Liquid received silver in the Digital/Mobile - Emerging Technologies category for Savanna's ‘Decolonise Auto Correct’ campaign.

Grey Advertising Africa’s chief creative officer, Fran Luckin, explains: “It is so gratifying to see this piece being recognised by international judges on a global stage."

"Being awarded in the pioneering Digital/Mobile - Emerging Technologies category is testament to our effectiveness in navigating the industry with game-changing campaigns and illustrates the value of sticking with a creative idea for as long as it takes to execute. Over two years in the making, ‘Decolonise Auto Correct’ has finally stepped into the limelight," Luckin adds.

About the Clio Awards

The Clio Awards is an annual award programme that recognises innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design and communication as judged by an international panel of advertising professionals. Time magazine described the event as the world's most recognisable international advertising awards.

23 Apr 2021 07:46