Enhancing retail experiences

Digital signage technology helps create unique shopping experiences for customers and is quickly becoming the standard digital form of communication in-store. These technologies are providing retailers with unlimited communication opportunities to enhance their in-store atmosphere.
Enhancing retail experiences
Digital signage has succeeded in retail networks in the following ways:
  • Digital signage's vibrant and clear display has been proven to drive customers towards stores and influence their decisions to purchase. The shift from static mediums to digital has resulted in more organised and neater displays of in-store advertising. It has also created an opportunity for customers to engage more with the store and enhances their overall in-store experience.

  • Digital kiosks provide customers with a convenient self-service approach to store navigation and an effective tool that can hold vital information about the store, products on offer and promotions including a multi-faceted starting block for many future campaigns. A key feature is that touch screens can be designed and programmed for simple operation, making them much more user-friendly. Touch screen kiosks can be customised to house multi-purpose functions for customers to explore when in store, which adds to the customer's shopping experience.

  • Social media channels have a very real presence in our lives due to the power and ease in which information can be shared. Twitter has proven to be the most successful communication tool used by consumers to supply retailers with feedback and to evoke immediate response.

  • Using digital media platforms to integrate social media and digital signage opens up valuable opportunities in advanced communications. Digital signage allows retailers to integrate customer interaction with their brand using social media while in store. Live tweets are streamed and displayed on the in-store screens providing customers with up-to-date convenient info-tainment, thereby offering real-time interactive experience that encourages interaction between the customer and the brand.

  • In-Store Music/Radio enhances a store's atmosphere and uplifts the mood of customers as they explore what's on offer. Integrated Digital signage can customise music playlists so that retail groups can offer different music genres based on the local customer demographic and insert strategically placed and targeted 'call to action' adverts that are relevant to the store in which they are played. To further enhance this offering, an ambient noise controller can be installed that monitors sound levels in-store and will automatically adjust the volume higher when there are many customers in the store and reduce volume when there are few.

  • QR codes, SMS short codes and Smartphone Apps have become regular features within advertising strategies. They provide fast effortless access to brands, products and any related information a customer may seek. However, retailers must ensure that the correct technological infrastructure is in place in order for customers to engage with them.
By integrating smartphone capabilities with digital signage, retailers are able to take advantage of the opportunity to direct customers to in store competitions, promotions and most importantly, give consumers the knowledge they may need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Digital signage is modernising the retail environment by creating platforms that are relevant and useful for the consumer. Not only does digital signage improve in-store customer relationships, but it also positively affects internal corporate communications. In-store digital displays can be designed and formatted to fit the brand's personality and to create the ultimate in-store atmosphere.

At Moving Tactics, we develop innovative digital signage solutions for all retail environments using world-leading screen technology and customisable digital signage software which creates an environment where customers can engage with a brand.

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company which provides digital signage to all segments of the retail industry.

8 May 2013 13:35