Paving the road to success

2013 has so far been an incredibly busy and exciting year for Moving Tactics as the company continues to grow and new business opportunities roll in.
The year was off to a great start with several new appointments being made. Jethro Coetzee joined our Technical department as National Maintenance Manager and Chanel Wever was appointed as Project Manager. Shortly thereafter, Moving Tactics welcomed Melissa Sharpington and Maxine Miller to join the Sales team, with Melissa managing Liquor Networks for the Alternative Media division and Maxine, representing Digital Signage Solutions, taking on all internal Marketing and Digital PR for Moving Tactics.

At the end of February, our regional teams from Johannesburg and Durban joined our Head Office team to attend our first annual Sales Conference in Cape Town. The purpose of the conference was to celebrate the past years success and to focus on up skilling our sales team and to enrich their sales and product knowledge. Our sales conference was a great success! Not only did we complete a world class sales course but it was a great bonding weekend for the whole company and a wonderful experience overall!

Our Digital Signage Solutions division, headed by Kevin Bierman, has experienced tremendous growth in new business opportunities, particularly in the quick service restaurant industry. There has been a growing interest in digital signage for quick service restaurant networks as digital display technology changes the way people shop, dine out and integrate themselves with brands. Digital signage is transforming operations within quick service restaurants and the continual technological advancements are proving to be a long-term beneficial investment to our clients.

Digital menu boards are fast replacing static signage and allowing easier management for changes and updates. Promotional screens offer a vibrant, eye-catching display which allows customers to explore what's on offer as well as being the starting platform for future store campaigns.

Many quick service restaurants are starting to integrate In-Store Music/Radio with their digital signage. This fully integrated media service allows quick service restaurants to build a unique customer experience using their brand themes as the foundation. In-Store Music/Radio enhances the environment which positively affects the mood of customers and impacts on sales.

There has been much interest and development in corporate communications with our Training-On-Demand (TOD) software which is currently being implemented into one of our retail client's networks. Digital signage creates so many opportunities for internal corporate communications and our Training-On-Demand programmes are revolutionising the way in which retailers are able to communicate training programmes to employees which can be easily tailored to fit the specific retailers operations.

Digital signage can be customised to suit any retailer, brand manager and quick service restaurant owner's requirements so that their brand and key messages are best communicated to their customers and staff on-site. In addition, it ensures that these businesses remain at the cutting edge of technology and in so doing, confirms their commitment to staying modern and relevant in these highly competitive respected industries.

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company which provides digital signage to all segments of the retail industry.



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19 Apr 2013 11:46