Digital signage producing high returns on retail marketing investments

Digital signage is a variety of technologies used to replace traditional print and other media in the retail environment. The effect of the visually appealing display gives retailers the opportunity to spark interest and drive sales more so than with static traditional mediums. Retail stores, whether for food, apparel or other merchandise, can show off their offerings in high definition with streamed audio to deliver messages in the most targeted, customised and interactive way so that when in store, customers get a better feel of the brand as the store atmosphere is pleasantly enhanced.
Digital signage producing high returns on retail marketing investments

Digital Signage is revolutionising retail and bringing in high returns on marketing investment (ROMI). The technological advances in digital signage provide retailers with multiple solutions for enhancing store operations, employee support and customer interaction. These investments are leading to cost cutting, driving sales and creating an overall success among retail networks worldwide.

When strategically and tactfully positioned, digital signage is a great way to inspire customers to purchase goods. Digital signage display encourages customers to purchase more, being the force behind impulse purchases or just a small reminder of what customers may be looking for. Due to the flexible nature of the content software, stores can customise what is displayed and messages can be better controlled depending on the store capacity. In supermarkets, it's tactful to advertise products that complement the goods in a specific aisle eg Coffee in the dairy aisle. In addition to this information can be displayed to help navigate customers to a specific aisle or around that particular store.

Another major advantage that digital signage gives retailers, is the power over showrooming. This is when customers are given false promises as current promotions displayed are either out-of-date or items are out-of-stock. The great benefit with digital signage in-stores is that the content can be updated specific for each location, to avoid provider misleading information to customers as correct information is easy to display, update and monitor.

Switching to digital signage is proving to be a beneficial long term investment when the correct screens and the technology behind them are installed by professionals. Commercial screens are specifically designed to operate up to 24 hours per day, effectively allowing them to last longer than normal screens.

Digital signage is not just about advertising products in store, it helps build brand awareness and can create a unique store atmosphere with dynamic visual elements including in store radio and in store music. There are so many other opportunities to help integrate the brand, its customers and its staff with digital signage as the platform.

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