Moving Tactics Digital Solutions - the foundation for customer interaction

Building Multi-Channel Digital Signage Opportunities in Quick Service Restaurants Part 2:
Moving Tactics Digital Solutions - the foundation for customer interaction

Multi-channel opportunities with digital signage are proving to make the investment a worthwhile long-term asset. Quick service restaurants are forever competing for the best position in top of mind awareness of their customers. In this industry, loyalty is far greater than just the product offering and there is more cash spent on improving customer service than on food innovations.

In today's society, the consumer is king and if one is not satisfied and express's this online, with the virility of social media, one can damage a quick service restaurant's reputation within a matter of hours. In turn, social media has been key to many new quick service restaurants in developing their status and online presence at a faster pace than the originals. Social existence online is an absolute must for monitoring customer satisfaction levels in any industry and in store digital technologies are aiding them in doing so, ensuring them a higher ranking among competitors.

In America, new quick service restaurant, 4Food, used social media and digital menu boards to launch them into the market. The "build-a-burger" initiative used customer's live tweet streams to develop their menu, which continually changes due to customer demand as items are ranked by most popular on social media platforms. This just substantiates social media as the most convenient tool to launch and establish a new restaurant franchise into the market among time-honoured brands. This campaign couldn't be possible without the flexibility and instant updates of digital menu boards linked to the social media feedback.

In South Africa, Digital menu boards have been the start for most quick service restaurants transformation into the digital era. The digital screens and the software available allows for multi-purpose opportunities.

Consumers want to see how technology can be integrated into their dining experiences and it is expected that technology is going to transform the way we order food and how customers give feedback. Some recent innovations for ordering food include mobile ordering, iPad order kiosks, social network ordering, and table top e-waiter system and e-checkout systems. All these seem expensive and extravagant to implement but when it comes down to keeping modern and relevant at all times, taking this step is an investment in building brand equity.

Narrowcasting Audio

With Audio integrated screens and our software, music and music videos can be streamed by narrowcasting to specify each store within its geographic location. Narrowcasting is distributing of the information to a smaller group of audience. Narrowcasting is mostly used to enhance the experience in the premises with good back ground music and timely messages displayed on the screens. The major benefit is that each store location can be customised by its geo-demographic preferences and this is most effective in a country such as South Africa where there are so many different languages and cultures within each city.

When integrating digital screens with audio and social media, each quick service restaurant store can build an all-round interactive store and brand experience. This is just a launching platform for any potential marketing campaign and in store activation and with the technology available to narrowcast music and videos to suit specific cultures through digital screens allows for a more personal interaction among all South Africans. Overall digital screens and their technology allow each store to create its own personality and for loyal customers to engage with the brand and a particular store on an on-going basis beyond the point-of-sale.

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company which develops integrated digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative moving media solutions for contemporary retail space.

6 Mar 2013 12:23