Digital innovation in the quick service industry - Moving Tactics

Digital screens are fast working their way into almost every quick service restaurant worldwide. Digital Signage is proven to be the basic feature in the commitment to staying modern and innovative at all times. Its relevance to quick service restaurants is by providing a competitive advantage in developing unique customer experiences via digital technology, which is changing the way people shop, dine out and immerse themselves with brands.
Digital innovation in the quick service industry - Moving Tactics
There are many advantages regarding investing in digital menu boards
  • Quick service restaurants can display offerings in either portrait or landscape format that is visually appealing. These dynamic, eye catching menu boards effectively lower the perceived wait time for customers.

  • Fast food giants are saving hundreds of thousands in operational costs globally. As prices and products continue to adjust, menu's need to be changed, making the cost of change excessive across large franchise networks..

  • One simple update will allow every restaurant nationwide to display new content with immediate effect without complications and the logistical costs involved.

  • Another benefit behind digital menu boards is the ability to display out-0f-stock messaging before it occurs; lowering disappointment levels among customers.
Besides the digital menu boards, screens can be strategically placed in restaurant dining areas and used as in-store advertising where local or global promotions can be flighted. This in turn will spark customer's interest into new product offerings and to influence further purchase decisions. These screens can also display their corporate social initiatives as well as competitions and specific geographic information allowing customers to get further involved with the brand.

With add on media options, quick service restaurants have the opportunity to create in store ambience and a platform for entertainment. By introducing audio/visual technology, music and music videos can be played out in store and customers can be entertained when seated or waiting for their orders. As an added benefit, quick service restaurants have the chance to engage and communicate with their customers on a social media level.

With the above technology available and the culture of social media combined, quick service restaurants have the opportunity to create unique service offerings and effectively strengthen their relationship with their customers....

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company which develops integrated digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative moving media solutions for contemporary retail space.

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22 Feb 2013 11:03