Why Digital Signage? - What are the different content management options?

Digital Signage promises the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time. Effective content management is critical at making that happen.
Before an in-depth discussion of content management and digital signage can occur, it is important to understand the different types of content management software (CMS).

Currently, there are two types of content management software namely Cloud-Based and Enterprise. Each solution has pros and cons, depending on the wants and needs of the individual user. One size does not fit all, and one digital signage system may be perfect for one customer, but not useful for another. Before beginning a digital signage project, it is important for digital signage providers to determine the type of CMS that best meets their clients' needs.

Enterprise (licensed) software

With enterprise, also known as licensed, solutions, the software is owned by the client. The server would be configured within the digital solution provider's network or on the client's network. There are various options on who is responsible for the maintenance of the environment.

High-end complex systems are licensed because clients can then create a digital signage network specifically designed to their needs. Aside from customisation, one of the major advantages of enterprise software is security from third-party intrusion. By maintaining their own network, clients can ensure that potentially sensitive data and information is not viewed or stolen by third parties.

Compared to Cloud-Based software, however, enterprise software is relatively expensive. In addition to the higher cost, an enterprise solution also requires a longer installation process and maintenance must be performed by the client, meaning a larger investment in time and effort on the part of the client.

Web-Based Content Management Software

Moving Tactics Web-Based Digital Signage software features a secure web-based interface for real-time monitoring and reporting on a digital signage network, alongside media player services.

There are a number of benefits to using Web-Based software. The network is remotely hosted; meaning management of the network is outsourced, saving a business from having to invest money in servers. Because the network is remotely hosted, there are redundant power services and network connections in the event of any power issues. This allows the client to reap the benefits of the best digital signage without having to spend the time, money and effort to maintain the infrastructure.

The secure web-based properties of our cloud-based content management solution makes it easier for users to obtain the system as it is accessible from any web enabled device anywhere in the world.

The Future - Piqomi

While Cloud-Based and enterprise solutions currently are the main types of CMS, the future holds a new possibility: a hybrid solution that combines Cloud-Based and licensed technology. This is Piqomi and it allows the servers to be hosted on the cloud, taking the onus off of the business owner, but at the same time, it would have the flexibility to allow some customisation and for the user to make a limited amount of changes to the content.

An example of this could be used in Quick Service restaurant digital menu boards where a hybrid solution, at Head Office would control most of the content on the digital menu boards of individual stores. However, individual restaurants would have the freedom to change certain things in their digital menu board. If, for example, there was a special sale at that store, or a different side item was available, the individual store would have the ability to promote that on its digital menu board.


More and more companies are using digital signage to enhance, inform, up-sell and improve their business performance. We at Moving Tactics have the experience and knowledge to work with you to create and build a customised digital signage solution that will deliver on your business requirements.

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company which develops integrated digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative moving media solutions for contemporary retail spaces.


23 Nov 2012 09:32