Why Digital Signage? - Content management and narrowcasting for digital signage

Digital signage promises the ability to reach the right customer in the right place at the right time. This month we will feature the use of effective content management which is critical to make that happen.
Content management is key and content is king!

Digital signage is an exciting new technology that is revolutionising the way businesses interact with customers. The combination of affordable screens, HD video and increasing interactivity is making digital signage an effective way for businesses and advertisers to reach customers.

While the possibilities of digital signage are exciting, just having a new, eye-catching technology is not the answer. The novelty of seeing high-definition screens in public places will wear off quickly if businesses do not take the time to create a valid content management strategy.

It does not matter how great your screens look in-store, if the content isn't playing where and when it's supposed to, then your message is not reaching the customer, therefore all your efforts will amount to nothing.

Content management is key and content is king. Both need to work hand in hand for a successful network to operate.

Good content management

Good content management means that not only is the network running smoothly and the right messages are appearing at the right times in places where customers can easily see them, but also that the content is specifically tailored to the individuals who are the customer base of a business.

Most networks forget who the audience is and what their needs are. With all of the technology and advertising that goes on in today's world, it is easy for a person to feel disoriented and alienated, making it important that businesses realise the potential of digital signage networks to engage the customer as an individual, not as part of the crowd.

So how can the unlimited potential of digital signage be maximised? First, the right hardware must be purchased for the task at hand. The right hardware may be different depending on the size of the network, spending power of the business and what type of content will be playing on the digital signage.

New technology

Technologies like QR codes, digital menu boards, news and weather feeds, in-store radio, touch-screen kiosks and interaction with mobile devices can help engage the audience and provide instant feedback for the business.

These factors are all components of what should be a well thought out, multilayered strategy designed to make a digital signage network as effective as possible. With a sound hardware, software and content strategy in place - you will have a successful digital signage environment.


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8 Nov 2012 10:24