Red Squares include retail digital TV

Research conducted by Freshly Ground Insights (FGI) has once again proven the power of in-store digital TV (DTV).
FGI was recently commissioned by Moving Tactics - specialists in retailer advertising - to ascertain the efficacy of in-store DTV in Red Square stores. "The results have been both positive and interesting," says Brad Aigner, MD of FGI. "98% of the respondents interviewed said that they had noticed the advertisements and special offers displayed. However, the most important finding is that not only did they notice the advertising, but that they paid attention to and retained the advertisement."

Other interesting observations to emerge from the research included:
  • 82% thought that in-store DTV was a good idea to promote special offers and the various brands
  • 79% visit a Red Square store once a month, or more, indicating the need to refresh the ad reels
  • There was high, spontaneous brand recall, was evident
  • Health and beauty tips were rated most highly in terms of screen aspects
  • 29% said that having seen an ad they were influenced to make a purchase
  • 79% would enter an sms competition shown on the screen
  • Vouchers were most popular prizes for competitions
  • 78% felt the screens were well-positioned
On the back of this positive research Edcon has given Moving Tactics the go ahead to install a total of 160 x 40 inch high-definition screens into the 36 stand-alone Red Square stores countrywide.

"What makes this activation different from Edgars is the very niche advertising focus and the use of audio," explains Chris Day, MD of Moving Tactics.

"There was an initial hesitancy to the introduction of audio," says Day. "The thought of potentially blaring screens in-store was viewed with skepticism but we managed to source a locally manufactured ambient meter which allows us to measure, and adjust, the volume levels automatically to ensure it is always optimal for shoppers."

The audio levels are set at the quietest time of the retail day - just after the store opens at 9am. Then, depending on the level of background noise in-store during a shopping day, the audio increases or decreases to rise above the ambient noise.

"It is the first time that we are using the ambient meter to monitor the use of audio in conjunction with in-store DTV, but given that this was the base from which the research was conducted, it certainly appears to have hit the spot and we envisage this becoming the norm," says Day.

Besides the 160 screens, all Red Square stores have also been fitted with surround sound speakers to ensure the audio is crystal clear and not booming from one isolated point.

"Earlier this year we installed Retail DTV into 25 of the top Edgars outlets and this roll out into Red Squares shows how positive the reaction to in-store DTV has been. Initial research done at Edgars clearly indicated that cosmetics and fragrances were an important purchase and that beauty houses were proactive around advertising special offers and launch products, which is what customers want," says Day.

There are various advertising packages available for the Red Square advertising loop and this too is being handled by Moving Tactics. As with the Edgars activation, the adverts flighted include stills, flash animation, as well as shortened TV commercials with a five second added value tail. The 10-minute loop is interspersed with fashion and beauty tips, lifestyle trends and space for internal Edgar's promotions (Club, financial services and Edgar's consumer offers).

"We have constantly maintained that retail marketing and especially in-store retail DTV is the most effective, single point of contact for advertisers to increase their communication with potential consumers," says Day. "Time and again research is proving us correct, verifying that a large percentage of customers are influenced to purchase as a result of the screens. In fact it's as high as 43% in the recent research conducted in Edgars stores. We know it works and are confident that more retail outlets will start using in-store DTV as digital brand ambassadors and salesmen for products."

Results of research conducted by FGI on behalf of Moving Tactics of the past few years is available for review, click on retail circuit information on the website:

In addition to the Red Square and Edgars installations, Moving Tactics is also providing marketing solutions for Picardi Rebel, Ultra Liquors and Midas stores nationwide.

Research results available on the Moving Tactics website:

18 Nov 2010 23:57