Ultra adds more value with retail digital TV

Another retailer is drinking a toast to the hero of strategic advertising - retail digital TV. The Ultra Liquor Group, buoyed by positive feedback from recent dipstick research on in-store advertising, has installed 149 screens in 30 stores countrywide that went live on July 1.
The decision to invest in this rapidly growing marketing tool comes as no surprise. Marketing budgets have shrunk and it is a challenge to persuade shoppers to part with their diminishing incomes. Retail digital TV is an effective, single point of contact for advertisers to increase this communication with consumers. Where it counts.

It's a win-win situation. Brands have realised the potential of in-store TV as a sales' tool and consumers are offered great prices and promotions. The specials are particularly welcome to customers feeling the recessionary pinch. But apart from the benefits to brand and customer, in-store TV is dynamic and adds life to the store.

Moving Tactics, an alternative media company, identified the need for customised digital solutions for the retail environment three years ago and a number of retailers have bought into this concept with great success. And it's hardly surprising. The approach is pro-active, facilitating direct interaction with customers, on screen, at the place of purchase.

Paul Mazurkiewicz, National Account Manager at Moving Tactics says, “Ultra has its own unique identity, which meant we tailored the activation specifically for them. The loyalty card and price driven sales approach has a good mix of brand messaging, calls to action and promotions interspersed with bite-sized, regularly updated lifestyle content covering news, weather and sports headlines from News 24.”

Sean Robinson of Ultra is an enthusiastic convert to retail digital TV. “What better way than having a permanent ‘in-store' promoter, which is essentially what audio digital TV is. It allows brands to communicate specific, targeted messages to consumers and also link to special price offerings or competitions. It's about correct messaging to get the customer to buy your brand!”

The concept of entertaining shoppers as well as giving them critical information, which triggers buying decisions, has had the buy in from big brands like Distell, Brandhouse and SAB. “Supplier buy in exceeding initial projections,” explains Mazurkiewicz. “Key seasonal months and promotional dates through to 2010 are already fully subscribed. There is a good spread of wine and spirit mix as opposed to domination by one brand and the advertisers have really customized the ads for these medium - generic TV ads do not work in store.

“It is imperative that suppliers understand the retail environment when deciding on an in-store digital advertising campaign,” says Mazurkiewicz. “It is not a brand building exercise but is an extension of an existing marketing campaign. Suppliers need to capitalise on this and convert the message into a sale. The loops are focused and research has shown that a customer's purchasing decision can be changed in the store.

“We have always maintained that for this medium to work for a brand, it needs to be used optimally,” continues Mazurkiewicz. “The aim is to energise and create brand intimacy at the point of purchase. The audio helps bring the message to life. It becomes an in-store salesperson, able to inform customers about what is on offer and any specials. The short SMS service, with flash voice-overs, means there can be a call to action for customers via promotions, competitions, price incentives and instant redemption via coupons.”

Moving Tactics first introduced audio to the digital TV mix last year as part of the ongoing drive to offer retailers maximum return on their digital retail TV investment.

20 Aug 2009 12:21