Moving Tactics takes the sting out of the queue for Clicks

Note to retailers: today's customers expect technology to wipe out queueing. There's nothing more off-putting to shoppers and detrimental to sales than long queues in your store; so many retailers are turning to virtual queues to better manage the wait for service in an increasingly digital world. One such retailer is Clicks, South Africa's leading pharmacy, health and beauty retailer, who has worked with Moving Tactics to implement a Virtual Queue solution for them.
Moving Tactics takes the sting out of the queue for Clicks
Queueing...a dying pastime

Traditional waiting lines are being replaced with virtual ones through the use of technology. Virtual queuing systems allow customers to check in, maintain their place in line, and be notified when it’s their turn for service.

According to Scott Matthews, Head of Moving Tactics Retail Analytics, a Virtual Queue solution and several positives for the retailer. “Retailers recognise that queuing is an unfortunate part of the retail experience and that by implementing a queue management system, they are taking steps to improve the system and create a more relaxed customer experience. It not only reduces the amount of time your customers actually spend waiting but it also reduces the perceived waiting time. Most beneficially, a virtual queue management system allows customers to wander around in-store and continue to shop while they wait and, in so doing, increase their basket size”.

Moving Tactics recently implemented a Virtual Queue solution in more than 100 Clicks Pharmacies in South Africa, which includes their top stores such as the V&A Waterfront, Gardens Centre and Canal Walk, as well as in stores in Swaziland. Virtual Queue provides customers with the choice to either take a ticket or enter their mobile number. Once a Pharmacist is available to serve them, the customer will either be notified visually and audibly via the in-store digital signage screens or via a SMS notification to their phones.

Virtual queueing = Hard facts

The right queuing software can help retailers better understand their own businesses and iron out any kinks in customer service. “From an analytics perspective, we can provide our client with data retrieved from the Virtual Queue solution relating to footfall, wait times and service times. The retailer can use the information to analyse trends and monitor individual stores or benchmark their brand's performance.

“In terms of feedback from Clicks, their in-store staff and customers, it has been consistently positive as they add to their customers’ shopping experience. As a staff member commented, ‘Happy customers equal happy staff’," adds Matthews.

As part of the service provided, Moving Tactics monitors and maintains the network to ensure up-time and the quick turnaround of any issues that may impact service. “I believe the success and the need for this type of innovation is following the current trends of retailers looking at the customer experience and identifying ways to improve it and understanding what the value of a happy customer is. Customers' expectations on service are continually increasing and retailers who don't match their customers' expectations will fall behind. We will continue to work with Clicks to roll-out the Virtual Queue to all new and revamped stores going forward,” concludes Chris Day, Managing Director at Moving Tactics, South Africa’s leading digital signage solutions company.

6 Nov 2018 12:38