Clicks announces digital signage partnership with Moving Tactics

Clicks, the largest health and beauty-focused retail chain in South Africa, has announced a partnership with Moving Tactics, one of South Africa's leading digital signage solutions companies.
Clicks announces digital signage partnership with Moving Tactics

The partnership entails installing digital signage within their Top 25 stores nationally, as well as marketing the media platform to Clicks' private label suppliers and other leading brand suppliers.

Moving Tactics has installed more than 500 in-store digital signage screens, which reaches an audience of two million customers people per month, via a bespoke high impact multi-channel digital signage network, with its strategic focus being on building an innovative media platform that will inform and benefit the shopping experience for its customers whilst enhancing the look and feel of its stores.

Moving Tactics' content management will support Clicks' promotions strategy to provide customers with the latest on-point seasonal service and product promotions and provide a wide variety of suppliers, large and small, with an equal media voice in-store at point-of-purchase.

Clicks' shopper journey through the store environment is supported by a variety of display screens located at key positions to inform and engage with customers regarding Clicks' promotions, supplier advertising and seasonal campaigns, starting at the window of each store and ending at the till points, where an integrated queue management system has been incorporated. In certain stores, four-screen video walls have been built in the engagement zone to bolster any in-store activity alongside cosmetic or beauty promotions. Hugo van der Westhuizen, Clicks Advertising and Media Sales, explains, "We are focused on providing our Clicks customers with the right message at the right time in the right place so as to make their purchase decisions easier and more effective."

Chris Day, Managing Director of Moving Tactics, says, "We are very excited to become an innovation partner that not only provides a technology base but also optimises their in-store marketing and promotions space and leverages off this infrastructure to enhance the customer journey through the store".

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company that develops customised digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative communication solutions.

25 Jun 2015 09:09