Guests get 'in touch' with the Castle Lite brand at the Republic of Extra Cold annual event

Take a couple of local celebrities, mix in some hot DJs and performers, and add a splash of state-of-the-art technology and you have a winning formula for a great party!
Guests get 'in touch' with the Castle Lite brand at the Republic of Extra Cold annual event

One of the biggest events to take place at the end of 2014 was Castle Lite's 'The Republic of Extra Cold' VIP event held at Stanley Island in Plettenberg Bay.

Moving Tactics Digital Impact, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, was brought on board to partner with RK Events and Castle Lite to conceptualise and integrate digital elements into the party's challenge categories. The following interactive digital activities were created for the invited guests to interact with:

Access Control - guests gained access to the event via the Passport Control element by which they had to place their hands on a glass touchpad Android tablet. Once their fingerprints were scanned, a welcome message appeared and they officially gained access.

Vital Statistics - to obtain partygoers' vital statistics to determine if they were 'Extra Cold' enough to join the party, invited guests were asked to place their fingers on an on-screen 'button' for a brief period to have their temperature measured. If the reading came back as 'EXTRA COLD', they qualified to party. Two Android tablets were used for this activity.

Catch a Cold - the application encouraged guests to win points by catching the simulated snowflakes in a Castle Lite beer bucket or lose points for dropping them or catching 'error' icons. The gaming mechanics involved a simple left and right swiping of the finger on a glass surface onto which imagery had been projected.

Resolve to be Cold - two video booths were used to record guests' individual video recorded resolutions. Guests were shown how to record their resolutions via interactive touch screens.

Collect-a-Case - another way that guests could win points was to take part in the Collect-a-Case activity in which they test their ability to stop scrolling at a specific time by having the scroller land on a case of Castle Lite. Points were scored for correct strikes and lost for misses.

Andy Higginbotham, Creative Director at Moving Tactics Digital Impact, says, "It was fun to conceptualise ways in which the partygoers could use digital applications and touch screen technologies to interact with the brand itself. It made it real to everyone there and kept the brand centre stage. We were also involved with the water projections at the event, which overwhelmed the crowd with excitement."

Moving Tactics Digital Impact is the most recent addition to the Moving Tactics stable. The Digital Impact division specialises in short-term, rental and campaign-based digital activation solutions and focuses on concept development and implementation using touch, projection and holographic technology.

Moving Tactics is a leading South African digital signage solutions company that develops customised digital signage technologies and is constantly creating innovative communication solutions.

14 Feb 2015 20:45