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Lima Bean's international growth gains momentum

Lima Bean continues its foray into the overseas market and has just completed its latest international project, with the relaunch of the Aurora Expeditions website, an Australian-based adventure travel company.

"While the Aurora Expeditions rebuild was a fairly complex job technically, we were pleased to engage with the client mainly on a strategic and creative basis, putting a lot of effort into the user journey, user experience, conversion optimisation and design. The fact that we would get the technical side of things right was seen as a given," says Hagen Rode, Managing Director at Lima Bean, a full-service digital agency based out of Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Lima Bean's international growth gains momentum

This marks Lima Bean's first Australian client, with the company already boasting clients in the US, UK, Germany and Dubai. "It's no secret that most South African companies are looking at ways of expanding into the overseas market," says Rode. "The digital industry in South Africa is exceptionally well poised to do this. Local companies compare very favourably to the traditional destinations of offshore digital outsourcing, such as India or Eastern Europe. This is not only in terms of our depreciating currency, time zone, culture and the fact that we speak English as a first language; but more importantly that South African digital companies have consistently shown the ability to deliver world-class digital work. Our companies are not just seen as 'brick layers' or pure development houses, but as organisations that can be engaged with to add value at a strategic level."

Lima Bean continues to earn the bulk of its revenue in South Africa and this is not about to change. "Make no mistake; we love our South African clients. We have five-year-plus relationships with many of our biggest clients and feel very much a part of their family. If anything, we are exploring opportunities with our clients to help them gain more foreign revenue. Digital makes this possible. There are no boundaries," Rode continues.

Post-website launch, Lima Bean continues to work with Aurora Expeditions to further enhance and market their digital platforms and drive revenue.

6 May 2016 12:06