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Lima Bean launches Outdoor Warehouse e-commerce website

Lima Bean was tasked with development of an e-commerce strategy and website for Outdoor Warehouse, the result which can be seen in the newly launched site: The previous website was not e-commerce enabled.
Lima Bean launches Outdoor Warehouse e-commerce website

Outdoor Warehouse is one of the leading retailers of outdoor equipment in South Africa. Due to the strong growth in online shopping the country has experienced, the retailer felt the time was ripe to begin offering their products for sale online.

The website features the full catalogue of Outdoor Warehouse products, the bulk of which are available for purchase online. Orders above R 800 are free for delivery to main centres, making this a cost effective and convenient way of purchasing Outdoor Warehouse products.

Key requirements for the website were quick, intuitive navigation and a straight forward check out process. The top menu is three levels deep, making it very easy for customers to find their desired product category.

On the backend there is full integration with the Outdoor Warehouse stock management and POS system. This ensures that the website is up to date with stock levels, and orders placed through the website are synchronised with the central POS system.

If you're interested in branching out and taking your brick and mortar store online, or if you're considering a redesign of your current e-commerce store, then contact Lima Bean to see what our digital team can do for you.

Lima Bean launches Outdoor Warehouse e-commerce website

14 Nov 2013 10:29