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Stanlib gives motorists a glimpse into the future through consistent focus

Stanlib's groundbreaking digital out-of-home campaign, "Focused Investing", provides motorists with a live feed of the traffic 1.4 kilometres ahead at the N1 William Nicol off-ramp, streamed to Continental Outdoors' Roadside Digital billboard on William Nicol Drive from a 360° IP camera at the off-ramp.
Stanlib gives motorists a glimpse into the future through consistent focus
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The campaign's big idea centres around Stanlib's proposition of focused investments and it brings to life the brand's forward-thinking and innovative personality through technology. This media idea drives home Stanlib's continuous focus on their clients' investments and uses a tactical placement in the traffic to bring this to life in an everyday situation. While motorists are on the road, Stanlib shows you a live feed of the traffic that is coming up and reiterates that "the markets don't stop for traffic and neither do we".

Wayne Bishop, Managing Director of PHD in Johannesburg, who assisted with the development of the idea, says: "In effect, this execution demonstrates that instead of asking ourselves 'which channel?', we should be asking ourselves 'which technology' can solve our marketing challenge?"

Continental Outdoor set up the live high definition camera feeds which were fed off their William Nicol gantry close to the off-ramp. The campaign will be live for two months leading into the festive season.

28 Oct 2015 10:12