Maximizer assists CCI Technology Solutions with CRM for boosting efficiency

Customer Relationship Management specialist Maximizer Software has unveiled a new case study outlining how CCI Technology Solutions, one of South Africa's foremost IT infrastructure companies, has used its CRM platform to play a leading role in efforts to wire businesses in key sectors throughout the country for the global digital marketplace.
With assistance from Camsoft Solutions, Maximizer's South African Elite Certified Solution Provider, CCI Technology has developed a powerful customer base across a broad spectrum of businesses - from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to international companies. Through its CRM system, CCI has been able to better reach and build ongoing relationships with businesses requiring the installation of cabling and other physical infrastructure for data delivery, including: telecoms, computer systems and wireless networks.

Using Maximizer CRM, CCI has been able to not only manage and keep its growing sales database up to date, but has been able to customise the CRM platform to integrate with the company's accounting system, thus ensuring CCI can track job numbers, materials, labour requirements, servicing needs and other operational information across all systems. The result has been that duplication of work has been eliminated and all company data remains complete and updated, as information loaded onto the sales system is automatically updated across all systems. As a result, whoever is dealing with a given client can remain up to speed on all interactions and communications with that customer.

CCI Technology Solutions' Managing Director, Stephen Pinkney, comments: "We can run reporting, job-costing and profitability reports straight out of the CRM system. Basically, we track our sales from inception to completion, so at any stage we can see exactly where we are in our sales cycle from the Maximizer suite." He adds that Maximizer "has just made it so much easier and so much less time-consuming to track all our paperwork. It's an integral part of our business."

Feeding all customer data into Maximizer CRM 12 has in fact changed the way CCI does business, allowing the company to take a long view of each client through the customer lifecycle, which, in turn, has eliminated mistakes and inefficiencies. Maximizer has enabled CCI to organise its diverse customer base so that it can track and keep ahead of sales to new prospects, current customers and older clients in need of updated IT infrastructure.

Pinkney notes that, through Maximizer CRM 12, CCI employees are also able to tap into a massive amount of client data collected over the years: "It's really a one-stop shop for us to have a look at where we are as far as our sales cycles are concerned."

CCI Technology Solutions is far from finished when it comes to getting more out of Maximizer. The company is now examining how it can harness Maximizer's mobile capability. Pinkney explains: "It's something we're going to look at - guys will probably start utilising iPads, getting sign-offs done online, all that kind of thing."

To download the full case study, go to or call Camsoft Solutions on 0800 616765.

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About CCI Technology Solutions
Founded in Cape Town in 1986, CCI Technology Solutions has emerged as a leading IT infrastructure player in the South Africa and. The company carries out the installation of cabling and other physical infrastructure for data delivery, including telecommunications, electrical installations, computer systems, CCTV and networks supporting wireless technology. It has a broad range of customers. For more information, please visit

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Camsoft Solutions has been a Maximizer Software business partner since 1994 and has successfully implemented and supported thousands of CRM projects at companies of all sizes, ranging from SME installations to corporates with several thousand users. Camsoft is capable of providing full turnkey CRM solutions, including training, support, development and service level agreements, where required. With full service offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town (north and south) and Durban, Camsoft provides the full range of technical services to a variety of different customers, including ISPs, banks, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, recruitment agencies and call centres, among others. Camsoft's CRM division has achieved Maximizer Software's Africa Business Partner of the Year award every year since 2004 and the EMEA Partner of the year award in 2012. Please visit

15 Apr 2013 12:51