Cybervision, an F-Secure partner, is launching an F-Secure vulnerability management service, RADAR

F-Secure RADAR is a powerful and scalable vulnerability management solution that allows organisations to easily control and manage IT security risk. The vulnerability scanning and management service helps enterprises identify and remediate vulnerabilities in any platform or web application.
Cybervision, an F-Secure partner, is launching an F-Secure vulnerability management service, RADAR
Cyber security threats are very much real and imminent today and companies are always looking for new technology that will protect them from cyber attacks. There are several ways to breach corporate defences but web applications are by far the most vulnerable part of a network. Gartner estimates that 75% of attacks occur on the application layer, irrespective of where the threat comes from, such as system misconfigurations, defective software or insecure passwords. Discovering such vulnerabilities and eliminating them timeously requires regular scanning and ruthless control, which is where F-Secure RADAR comes in.

F-Secure RADAR consists of sophisticated platform and web scanning engines which help in detecting and managing thousands of vulnerabilities across all system and network assets. These are paired with a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based vulnerability management and reporting platform with 3rd party integration capabilities through the F-Secure RADAR API. The product comes with a flexible licensing scheme and allows for unlimited scans per licenced IP.

Features include:
  • Vulnerability management and ticketing
  • Centralised, uniform vulnerability reporting
  • Customisable reports in a variety of formats
  • API interface for 3rd party integration (e.g. ServiceNow)
  • Capability of adding manually identified vulnerabilities
  • Scheduling of scans and notifications when new hosts and vulnerabilities are detected 

The key to security is fixing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attack vectors. F-Secure RADAR detects weaknesses and threats immediately, thereby boosting network and application security and ensuring regulatory compliance. Unparalleled central reporting together with in-depth analysis improve overall security management. F-Secure RADAR maps the security of all system assets, monitors the security status and vulnerability, provides customized and automated reporting, improves consistently and runs vulnerability scans from either a secure cloud-based SaaS or as an on-site solution behind a corporate firewall. 

F-Secure RADAR helps organisations to get the most out of their vulnerability scanning and management solution. RADAR is not just software, but a mix of advanced technology and security experts' input on vulnerability management. It provides best practices tailored for an organisation’s specific requirements with F-Secure’s analysts working 24/7 across the globe to protect against the latest threats. 

About Cybervision

Cybervision Pty Ltd is an IT security value-added distribution company that conducts business throughout Africa through a variety of resellers of various sizes and differing specialisations. An F-Secure partner, the key personnel at Cybervision individually have over 20 years each of experience in data and network security with F-Secure’s solutions and have supplied services to many types of organisations in Africa, ranging from SMEs to large banks, insurers and government departments. Working with leading organisations in industry has resulted in an extensive understanding of security, allowing for a competitive advantage when it comes to ensuring that the right solutions are in place to adequately secure the networks of organisations of all sizes and types.

With offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as a presence in Kwazulu-Natal, Cybervision has full-service teams capable of providing resellers and their customers with the necessary support services to ensure that their endpoint protection, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing is conducted efficiently and effectively to help prevent security breaches on their networks. The F-Secure RADAR, Rapid Detection and Response (RDR) and Rapid Detection Service (RDS), as well as other F-Secure solutions are relied upon for much of Cybervision’s security expertise in mitigating risks and helping organisations manage complex security challenges with a business-focused man-and-machine combined approach.

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22 Nov 2018 14:03