Popimedia sponsors ABF social media campaign

Popimedia Innovations, a specialist Social Media Marketing Company that provides bespoke social media solutions with a unique focus on interactive and viral marketing, will launch a one-month social media campaign to generate awareness around the ABF Vital Support Fund.
With extensive experience in Social Media strategy development and campaign implementations across many industries, Popimedia Innovations' brand of social media marketing is recognisable by its leverage of social networks, like Facebook and Twitter, delivering results for marketers initiating and maintaining social media activities. Popimedia has direct contacts with Facebook and is an authorised Facebook Sales House both in South Africa and abroad.

"The ABF Vital Support Fund is run by a volunteer committee. These committee members are either employed full time or run businesses of their own. Each committee member does what they can, however, we noticed a shortfall when it came to our social media presence," says Sharlene Vallance, Vice President of the ABF Vital Support Fund.

The ABF currently has a Facebook page and a twitter account (@ABFSA) and currently uses them to inform the industry about fundraising events that are taking place and what the ABF is doing.

Popimedia intends to launch a one-month social media campaign to drive the industry to the ABF's Facebook page. "With around 6000 industry people we need to be more active on this platform. We will provide weekly prizes as well as one grand prize at the end of the campaign," adds Vallance.

The aims of the campaign are to create awareness about the amazing work that the ABF does and to challenge everyone in the industry to contribute to its social media fundraising target by donating from as little as R10, once-off, per person. It will also include a company challenge.

The profile photograph of each person and logo of each company that pledges will be added to a "wall" of ABF donors.

"We are really looking forward to this campaign. We need to raise our profile in order to be able to assist those in the industry who are facing some kind of crisis. The industry needs to know that we are available and willing to help," adds Riana Stander, Treasurer of the ABF Vital Support Fund.

"We realised that our support will not only help with expanding the ABF's social media presence, with fundraising and general awareness, it will also make CSI sense," says Ryan Silberman, co-founder and COO of Popimedia.

"We can contribute to a cause that makes a very real difference to our industry. It is wonderful to take a 41-year-old organisation and provide it with a social media campaign, something that would never have been thought of all those years ago. I guess it's a testament to the ever creative and fast changing industry that we live in," he adds.

The campaign is due to launch mid July.

For more information please contact az.oc.fba@enelrahs

The ABF is a non-profit organisation helping those in the advertising, media and allied industries that have fallen on hard times. Amongst its many contributions, the ABF , in conjunction with Lifeline have a dedicated 24/7 call centre line for people in the Advertising, Media and related industries who need counselling or treatment for stress, HIV/AIDS and substance abuse problems. The ABF also provides study in the field to deserving, underprivileged students with institutions like the AAA School of Advertising.

5 Jul 2011 13:20