Core Group assists the ABF

Core Group, Apple's official distributor in South Africa, has assisted the ABF in a validation case by providing a member who suffers health problems and a debilitating speech impediment with a power cable in order for him to continue communicating with his loved ones.
The ABF were contacted recently by the sister of one of our cases with the following request:

"I am writing on behalf of my brother, Mr G, who the ABF very kindly take good care of. He has a slight predicament and we are hoping that the ABF could be of some assistance.

"Due to his health and his speech impediment he is very reliant on his laptop which is an invaluable communication tool for him. His power cable unfortunately burnt out and we are in the process of trying to source a new or second hand one as these are expensive items to purchase. We are most grateful to the ABF for their constant kindness in continually assisting Mr G on a monthly basis."

On receiving his new cable on behalf of Core Group, Mr G responded with "Please accept, on behalf of all at the ABF, my heartfelt thanks and relief at receiving my brand spanking new Mac power cable. As you can read I am now back online, connected and once again part of the cyberworld. I really am very grateful, as is my sister, for all that the ABF do for me, I feel truly blessed. Mr G.

"It is companies like Core Group that ensure that the ABF are able to focus their funding towards being a vital support fund and paying for absolute essentials like a simple cable that can reconnect a person to his lifeline, his work and his family," says the ABF's Sharlene Vallance. "A big thank you to Core Group for their assistance and generous donation with this case."

For more information about the ABF, contact Sharlene Vallance at az.oc.fba@enelrahs.

About the ABF
The ABF, a 41-year-old charitable fund, provides vital crisis support to individuals in the advertising, marketing and media industries who have fallen on hard times. In providing a support structure, the ABF helps those who cannot support themselves due to retrenchments, redundancies, injuries or illness. For more information, contact Sharlene Vallance at az.oc.fba@enelrahs.

2 Aug 2010 22:04