An open letter to the ABF

Dear Michelle Randall, Giles Shepherd and everyone at The ABF.
I would just like to convey the utter appreciation and gratitude I feel for the bursary I was awarded for my final year at The AAA School of Advertising. This is such a blessing and a relief at the same time. By awarding me with the bursary, you have given me the precious gift of time. I now have more time on my hands as a result of not having to juggle numerous jobs. I can spend this time on campaigns and requirements for my degree. I find my final year much less stressful than I've experienced the previous two and this is all thanks to the wonderful gift I received from you.

I am enjoying my third year tremendously and plan to specialise in Account Management and Branding in July. I am extremely excited for my future and I look forward to the start of my career. The world of marketing and advertising is truly my passion and I cannot wait to take my first steps into it. The AAA School of Advertising has helped me from crawling to running towards this new adventure and the ABF has removed all the hurdles out of my way. I sincerely thank you, and on behalf of any future winners of similar bursaries, for the change you bring to our lives. I do not think I would have been able to finish my degree fulltime if it wasn't for your assistance.

I can not express my true joy and appreciation I feel towards the ABF, but I hope that this letter will give you an indication of how I feel.

Yours Sincerely,

Monique Pienaar

17 Feb 2010 12:05